Possy and plant

Painting of Possy, hanging around with some plants.

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Emptied diamine meadow ink out of my ranga sugarcane eyedropper pen, so tried to use it up for painting, while listening to Brené Brown's Power of Vulnerability audio book (TED talk version here).

Photo collage of several work-in-progress paintings, showing progression of painting of a possum sitting amongst leaves, rocks, and flowers.

A photo of a painting of a possum sitting amongst leaves, rocks, and flowers.

In hindsight I may have been influenced by Wai's bear washi tape that I see very often.

I did 2 other paintings at the same time, which I'll post next time!

Today's music post: Been listening to Duckwrth's SUPERGOOD album!

Goby and shrimp

Painting of a gobi and a shrimp

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On Sunday June 13, 2021 I went to a watercolour workshop led by Rurupoi! She went through a bit of theory before doing a demo for us. I learned new terms for things I was doing haphazardly (I have never formally studied watercolour). This is what drew and painted (in less than, 1.5h?). It was interesting to try to have some shape to the shrimp yet still maintain its camouflaging pattern!

Photo collage of 3 images, showing progressive progress of the goby and shrimp painting---from sketch, then from background to midground to foreground colours/shading.

Photo of a postcard sized painting of a goby and shrimp on a pebbled ground, surrounded by various aquatic flora and fauna.

If I could turn back time I would've made the foreground more vertically asymetrical, and properly account for the fins that a goby actually has (ha!).

The goby is likely a Steinitz' prawn goby, while the shrimp would be from the Alpheus genus (snapping shrimp).

The image is based off a photo I took when I visited Wilhelma (zoological and botanical garden) in Stuttgart. They had a display of many aquarium ecosystems. I already knew about their symbiotic relationship, but I spent extra long time staring at the goby and shrimp and took many photos and videos of them.

From Practical Fishkeeping:

Several pistol or 'snapping' shrimps of the genus Alpheus associate with gobies, primarily in the Indo-Pacific in areas of sand and rubble in relatively shallow water of the coral reef.

The shrimp has notoriously poor eyesight, but is good at constructing and maintaining a burrow. In fact, it may be obsessed with it, constantly shifting rubble and debris from which it is made to keep the entrance clear.

The goby, meanwhile, has particularly good vision, but is less adept at creating burrows which, of course, offer valuable protection on the reef. In an evolutionary masterstroke, both shrimp and goby have evolved an alliance which utilises the strengths of each — or makes each one’s weaknesses less of a hindrance, depending how you look at it.

I have a goby and shrimp-inspired short story for HWA, written purely so that I can draw...more goby and shrimp...but not sure if that will be drawn any time soon, hahahaha.

Today's music post: Isn't this a Lovely Day (cover) by Shirley Crabbe.

June media round up

What I read in June 2021

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The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Thomas King

Informative in a defacto, kind of spicy/sharp way. I appreciated the upfront context about language/terminology/labels differ a lot based on who you're talking to.

Princess Jellyfish (vol.1) by Akiko Higashimura

Feels super shoujo right now but I'm sure we're going to get to something deeper later on. The gals are so weird but I appreciate them. I hope that they get to keep it weird as the series goes on (as in, they don't just become princess-fied).

Blue Period vol. 2 by Tsubasa Yamaguchi

I'm getting 2nd-hand art school education through this book! The part where he tells his mom about art school (and his observations about the mom) made me cryyyyyyyyyyyy! I really like the introspection (and sometimes intensity?) that all of these characters have, very relatable. Nice to see a character have their own a-ha moments and developing emotional maturity.

Realized that both Princess Jellyfish and Blue Period have "boy/male" characters dressing up in "girl/female' clothing.

Today's music post: 1200 Years Ago featuring Erkan Oğur by Berke Can Ozcan.

June 22 was Jake's birthday! It was/is a busy week so I didn't get to make a refined picture, so here's a scrappy drawing instead. It feels like it has been a while since i last draw him; I actually forgot to draw piercings until I flipped to some other pages in my notebook and saw older drawings I had of him. Usually when I think of Jake I'm chanting 'crybaby jock' in my head. He wouldn't appreciate that, though I don't mean it in a bad way (it's a literal label, given how things go in the comic). OF course I had to draw the raccoon again!

Photo of an open cross-grid notebook page, with a rough sketch of an original character (Jake) holding up a raccoon plush proudly. There is a black fountain pen on the left side, resting in the spine of the notebook.

Unrelated to anything else, I've been really into shoebills, especially since seeing a Miyako Kawaguch kei fabric pattern, and then later some weird videos about the machine-gun-beak clatter sounds that a shoebill makes. You can see the shape of their trachea through the back of their mouth sometimes...which I personally think looks disturbing, but interesting nonetheless!

photo of various shoebill expressions and poses, drawn with purple/pink fountain pen ink, surrounded by text and leaves written in green fountain pen ink

A week ago, I dug out my old Come For A Drink game files off my external hard drive, because a couple of people asked about how to get all the endings. Had to dig around the old code to remember what logic I had programmed, but I managed to write up a guide to all 9 endings! This game continues to be extremely embarrassing and amazing at the same time, but I feel that way about everything I make.

Recently Paypa| decided to freeze our Love Love Hill account, so we took the store down for a while to figure things out/research our options.

Today's music post: Dõõmer by A lake by the mõõn.