Bugslu x fountain pen

WHSmith school cartridge pen (Platignum)

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Another animal/creature edition of OC x fountain pen.

2 WHSmith school pens (made by...Platignum?), frankenpened together to make the most matching Bugslu body. Bugslu is rainbow coloured but most of their body is green. While I don't have any blue/red in this mix, hopefully it is close enough ahaha.

photo collage of a bright coloured fountain pen laying on top of an open ruled notebook page. The notebook page shows a drawing of a Bugslu flying around some flowers that were drawn in blue ink.

Interestingly the nib itself is a folded steed nib, not tipped. Apparently this means that the nib may wear out faster than a tipped one.

Photo close-up of a fountain pen nib with a folded tip.

Today's music post: Perch Privileges by Nature's Neighbor from their album, O t h e r s i d e.

Fake's birthday

Procreate drawing of Fake, an original character.

Digital illustration of an original character wearing a suit, holding up a mask against the right side of his face. The background is dark and textured, with some ambiguous human figures, and a 'police line do not cross' criss-crossing the illustration. The image is primarily brown, beige, and yellow.

June 2 was Fake's birthday (from HWA). I started the sketch on his actual birthday, but didn't have time to finish it until the weekend. Another attempt in procreate, but I'm still futzing around. His airtime in the comic so far is pretty limited, but it seems like he is more memorable because of his personality.

Since it was done in Procreate, there was an auto-timelapse-video:

Today's music post: Orange Nectar Returns by Seagullmoine. The album art is by cool friend Wai Au!

May media round up

What I read/played in May 2021

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio (2021 PC release)

Since it's the first RPG style game of the Yakuza franchise, I did find that it takes longer to get through the plot compared to say, playing easy-mode in the action battle system. I found that I had to "level" up a lot more before feeling confident to take on some of these boss battles. It requires more planning/strategy overall, since bosses/enemies/party members each have their unique weaknesses. Otherwise same flavour of plot! I enjoyed it! I get really offended whenever the gross pervy enemies do perv moves on the lady characters in my party :(, so I try to destroy them first...

Collage of sketches of various characters from the Yakuza 7 series.

Kasuga is really stupid but in a different way from Kiryu. Definitely more feelsy, and stronger EYELASH game. Himbo energy is extremely strong!! Zhao is a sensitive boy but so powerful chop chop chop. I love how Eri uses office stationery as weapons. I can't believe Han Joon-gi doesn't have a karaoke song; for a while I'd call him "fast boy" because he gets so many turns. Adachi is such a dad type (his weird in-street/public flexing), but his Machine Gun Kiss is REALLY good. I laughed SO HARD at Kasuga's rapping backup for Like A Butterfly. I really like when Yapi says "Ya-pi"! I appreciated Saeko's resilience and vulnerability. I hope Nanba gets his hair under control...

My heart still belongs to Majima Goro, bunchan, and the chickens. Sketch of Majima Goro from Yakuza 0, holding a Bunchan java sparrow plush

Decolonize Palestine and Visualizing Palestine

I found these resources helpful in building my understanding of a lot of the underlying context for what's happening in Palestine.

Dorohedoro by Q Hayashida (vol. 2-23 end)

The world building/logic is so different from IRL that you just want to keep reading on to understand how it all works. I think I understand 75% of what happened, but was lost when they start talking about time differences. I'm never quite sure what is/isn't reality, though I think that's also how the characters felt too. I 10000% ship Shin/Noi and Caiman/Nikaido, and now I want to eat gyoza!!

The Arab of the Future (vol. 1) by Riad Sattouf

I'm not sure how this came onto my radar; might have been a random recommendation through my library's overdrive/libby (what I use to read most of my stuff these days). Because of this, I wasn't sure what to expect! I was able to learn a bit more about a specific sliver of arab culture (or at least, see some side of it). There were points where I felt that the dual storytelling (narrative in panels vs. dialogue in panels) took me longer to mentally parse than I expected (as in, I noticed I was having trouble understanding). I would attribute this to the fact that I am not well versed in the political and religious context where the story takes place though! I'm pretty sad about the dog...

Today's music post: Moulan Shakur by Khalab & M'berra Ensemble from the album, M'berra.

Privacy-focused services I use

Yes, living my life on the internet this way makes my life harder, but I think it's worth it.

Thought I'd do a brief drop of services that I use that lean more "privacy"-friendly (but your mileage may vary, depending on the server you use):

I still have some accounts on websites that I don't like...hahaha...but they're mostly just mirrors or forwarding to my other accounts.

Spent a bunch of time working on this image but I'm not sure it is what I want. I'll leave it alone for now...

Sketch of an ox walking upwards towards mountains, surrounded by flowers, trees, and bamboo.

Today's music post: Sharaf Band feat. Xaawo Hiiraan - Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani (My Life is Full of Tribulations) from album Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa.

Ferris's birthday

Painting of Ferris from my webcomic.

Image description

May 19 was Ferris's birthday (from HWA), so I drew this picture to commemorate! Super plain portrait, but this was the 1st time I tried to use procreate in any meaningful way. Still a lot of unknowns, but it was interesting to just mess around. I always enjoyed drawing him in the comic, even though he hasn't gotten much airtime since the comic began. Maybe that will change...?

Since it was done in Procreate, there was an auto-timelapse-video:

Yesterday I got my first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine!

Today's music post: Nightflyer by Allison Russel.