2nd year undergrad international student. Pokerface and is likely judging you. Affinity towards heights and cursed stuff. 

Dec 29 / she her

Physical appearance

Hair wavy, shoulder length, dark brown
Eyes dark brown
Physique slim athletic
Markings often has bruises or scratches on limbs
Fashion / accessories tortoiseshell glasses, climbing gloves, 2 piercings on each ear lobe, sometimes necklaces


  • Monkeys
    • Dry fit/moisture-wicking clothes (athleisure with clean cuts/lines)
      • Big pockets
        • Loggersport: Birling and tree climb
          • Eggplant purple
            • Parkour
              • Heights
                • Climbing
                  • Mountains
                    • Things that seem to look "cursed" to other people
                      • Notetaking / journaling
                        • Observing/watching


                          • Big crowds or social events
                            • Authority figures


                              Jakeloggersport team mate; finds him to be intriguing because of his orientation and that they share some similarities (more introverted, no family in town).
                              Abbyloggersport team mate; isn't sure what to make of her friendliness.
                              Ferrisloggersport team mate; gets along with him because they're both on the quiet side. By get along, that means just being quiet with each other.
                              Salloggersport team mate; thinks they're intriguing and fun to go along with some of their whims.
                              Austinfellow loggersport team mate, housemate; initially very suspicious of his intentions.


                              • Multilingual
                                • Ace
                                  • Aro
                                    • Pokerface, but sometimes body language will give emotions away
                                      • Lone wolf / introverted / less social
                                        • Private
                                          • Night time climbing and parkour
                                            • Very mobile and agile


                                              High school


                                              • Archaeology student (international)


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