3rd year undergrad student in Urban Planning. Gay, nerdy (anime, games, comics), and crybaby jock.

June 22 / He him

Physical appearance

Hair Naturally black and straight, but dyed white/gray/light brown with hair product massaged in
Eyes Dark brown, but will sometimes wear coloured contacts
Physique Upside-down triangle (well-built in the arms/shoulder, more slim in the torso), round butt
Markings mole on top of left side of his lip
Fashion / accessories lobe earrings on both sides, 2 piercings above his left eyebrow, glasses, nato strap watch, mainly only wears B&W with a pop of colour


  • Raccoons (Wacou plush)
    • Upper arm workouts
      • Slim fit clothing
        • PinkeyJane Jacobs
          • Urban green spaces
            • Loggersport: springboard chop
              • Cooking
                • Eating/food
                  • Gaming/MMORPGs
                    • Modern, clean, minimal aesthetic


                      • Disorderly or uncleanliness


                        Fakefellow online gamer/irl friend; thinks he is a big joker but extremely reliable and knowledgeable.
                        Austinloggersport team mate / captain / coach ; eventual boyfriend. Thinks he is a very nice guy, great coach, a huge tree-nerd, and an extrovert. Doesn't really understand why Austin likes him, or what is expected of him in a blurry intersection of friendship/romance.
                        Abbyloggersport team mate. Seems to make friends with everyone easily, like her brother. They sometimes watch movies and talk about hot guys together.
                        Ferrisloggersport team mate. Thinks he is super fashionable with great hair and style. Wishes he was as cool/charming as him.
                        Salloggersport team mate. Wishes he had their boldness and no-nonsense attitude. Have fairly aligned values/beliefs so they get along well.
                        Sabinaloggersport team mate. Thinks she is probably judging him all the time. Understands that she is a bit of a lone wolf, even more so than himself.


                        • Bilingual
                          • Gay
                            • Demi-romantic (and doesn't really understand romance)
                              • Shows physical emotions easily (can be moved to cry easily) but sucks at talking about them
                                • Has a high metabolism, so eats a lot (where all his money goes)
                                  • Agile, sharp, precise/detail-oriented, and loyal


                                    • Immigrated to Canada when he was young with his single mom
                                      • His mom was always busy with work, so over time he learned to become quite independent
                                        • Inherited crying from his mom
                                          • Has a plush raccoon named Wacou

                                            High school

                                            • Was bullied a bit for how he looked (thin as a rail)Became a good cook
                                              • Started playing games online


                                                • Moved away from home to attend LLH University (studying urban planning)
                                                  • Is particularly interested in green planning
                                                    • Went through an image change (piercings, hair dye)
                                                      • Began working out regularly and became a jock
                                                        • Is "out" as gay in new city
                                                          • Was poached to join the LLH University Loggersport team through a club fair on campus (by Austin)
                                                            • Works part time at one of the campus libraries
                                                              • Becomes next Loggersport captain after Austin graduates

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