City gate guard actively trying to forget/bury his past and live anew.

Physical appearance

Hair orange-red, style depends on era; currently sports a shaven faux-hawk
Eyes blue/tear irises, long lashes
Physique well-built
Markings tattoos include XI/chevrons/perpendicular swords on upper right arm, diagonal crossed swords on bottom right torso, curled arrow on left wrist, many slice/puncture scars accumulated from years of war
Fashion / accessories V shaped studs in each ear, infinity scarf


  • foxes
    • weapons
      • woo-ing animals
        • sword fighting
          • physical labour


            • politics
              • dealing with children


                MoristanThorn in my side
                EdonRed Rogue colleague
                ManoGate guard colleague


                • Serious
                  • A tad sombre
                    • Sometimes lackadaisical
                      • Still somewhat ridden with guilt


                        • Royal knight for Lord Ogiatta
                          • Had past affiliations with the Red Rogues but is largely out of touch


                            • City guard for Siramec
                              • Ceilic is living a lackadaisical life as a gate guard for Siramec, a small pottery town.
                                • Despite his desire to live a carefree life, he is often bugged by Moristan, a young boy in the town that wants to grow up to be a knight.

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                                  Printed in: Knight Life (2012)

                                  An unassuming gate guard at Siramec.

                                  A young fellow who wants to be a knight.

                                  A personal aide for an aristocrat.