Secret agent.

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    Physical appearance

    Hair black, just past shoulder length, widows peak, single white tuft of hair in the front
    Eyes brown
    Physique athletic, slim
    Markings scar across face and over left eye
    Fashion / accessories Monochromatic colours, blindfold scarf


    • Being stealth


      • Being at the centre of attention or praise


        Ming MingInformant


        • Was involved in an accident when he was young, causing laceration to his eye (eye is sensitive to the dark via corneal abrasion)
          • Has trained to be fairly functional with a blindfold on
            • Has generally heightened sense beyond sight, but can still use his eye(s) if necessary
              • Very quiet, rarely talks.
                • Neutral towards all people.
                  • Although he is obviously different, he likes to believe that he doesn't attract anyone's attention
                    • Very pale and nocturnal—his nickname comes from this


                      • A reconnaissance/assassin-type secret mission guy (delivering messages, bodyguard, running errands between cities/towns) for palace officials

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                        April 2017

                        Printed in: Martial Spirit (2017)

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