My pen name is Dirchansky (she/any) and I'm a storyteller and comic creator living on the lands of Indigenous people in 'Canada'. I experiment with all genres and styles, but gravitate towards creating stories with subtle character feelings, expressions, gestures, interactions, and relationships.

Full list of my creations/comics/stories.

dirchansky[at]proton.me | mastodon | itch.io | love love hill

Commission or project inquiries

Please email me at dirchansky[at]proton.me to explore opportunities.

Suggested details to include:

  • Project type (e.g., illustration, character design work, comic writing, comic drawing, comic editing/story direction, speaking engagement, etc.)
    • Timeline/deadline (e.g., revision/feedback/approval cycles required, due date(s), etc.)
      • Commercial or personal/private use (note: I am not interested in projects related to N F Ts)
        • Estimated budget

          I have many projects in-flight and will not be able to take on all requests

          Upcoming/ongoing projects

          Finding diverse creatives to work with

          Linking this site

          Remember in the 1990s, where we used to use banners? http://dirchansky.com

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