Chapter 12: Arrival

  • This is the beginning of arc 2, which follows Sabina as the main character. I'm excited and anxious about writing a female-main who walks an untraditional path.
  • After finishing arc 1 (chapter 1-11) and producing the print book, I took a few months "off" to write the outline of arc 2. This arc will explore different ideas and themes than the previous, but we'll still get to see some of the old characters and new ones! You can expect this arc to be as feelsy as the other one, because that is the only kind of story I know how to make, haha.
  • I spent too much time reading about radiators, but still lack understanding...
  • I'm also inking this arc/book a bit differently. 1-11 was done with CSP's G-pen at 15 pixel setting. This chapter is done with modified brush at 30 pixel setting to emulate how I would ink IRL with a brush pen. Fat lines, dry brush, no tiny details, just chicken blobs and scratches!
  • Because of the above, it took a long time to figure things out and actually draw it out. Also all these BG panels took a lot willpower to get through.
  • Generally there is wayyy more flood filling (+ more loose/broken linework) so all the pages take longer!!!!!!!!!
  • I love abusing sparkle brush to fill white space and this assortment of chicken stuff that was somehow chosen for Sabina. Austin, what were you thinking? Where did you get this stuff? (I know the answer)
  • For now I'm posting these pages without too much rework/scrutiny, now knowing that I go through a lot of refining/editing labour before putting a book out for print (which isn't happening anytime soon).
  • It's posted in the header now, but I do have a fun guestbook if people want to leave comments! It's a part of my blog, where I also post about all sorts of things, including HWA.