Tropes galore

WIP of my contribution to BLTease.

Cover Image

I drew 12 pages of comic for Love Love Hill's upcoming comic anthology, tentatively named BLT, which could stand for a lot of different things, but to me it signified BL tropes.

Officially I think the anthology is BL and glasses themed! I drew 8-panel comic shorts that when read together, ties the many tropes that I included...together!

All of these characters are very very dum dum. It was fun to draw a lot of funny and weird faces (things I didn't get to do in HWA until Fake appeared). I don't have release information about the anthology yet! TCAF was cancelled, and I'm not sure if FlameCon will still go ahead in August.

Today's music post: Bakamitai [lo-fi remix] by Seventh Sage. This is a karaoke song from the game Yakuza 0, officially sung by Kuroda Takaya (who voices Kiryu Kazama). I'm very proud of myself for convincing 3 different friends to play Yakuza, hahahaha.