TCAF 2022 report

Perhaps my last time tabling at Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Leading up to TCAF I wasn't sure if all my books would make it, but they did! Ah, supply chain issues. Big thanks to PowersWithin for helping carry books to setup on Friday and Linda who helped SOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHH the entire weekend!

I was at my table 95% of the time, except for 1 bathroom break/day, and maybe 15 minutes where I went to do my rounds very quickly on Sunday (aka visited POME mag, NobleComix, and Steph Blakely). I didn't take my mask off the entire time I was there. I was bothered by my glasses steaming (because it obscured my vision and also meant the seal around my nose wasn't as flush as it should be; it got better on day 2). I'm used to 2 meals/day now. Con tabling life is not an easy life, and only gets worse as you get older.

As expected, the show floor (on the 2nd floor at least) wasn't as insanely packed as past years, which felt appropriate given the circumstances. The stamp rally was an interesting addition to the mix. Everyone had very beautiful stamps! I didn't get to collect any and ran out of stamp rally prizes late day 1!! Thank you to Peow Studio / Patrick for organizing and letting us take part. I'm 100% sure that someone only bought stuff from our table because they said "if Peow has them in the stamp rally they must be good" hahaha.

I was glad that BLTease and HWA finally got their convention debut (originally meant for 2020). Two zines, Martial Spirit and Shrimperific are out of print now (I've put my contributions up online). The handful of copies of Cat Block by Wai also sold out! It was good to give our older anthologies (SLOTH, Human Plantation, Cry to the Moon) a final hurrah!

I was delighted to see fellow poss and shrimp lovers. You could always tell when someone was a shrimpkeeper because they would eyezoom to Shrimp Goss immediately. I wasn't sure how Yakuzine would do, but we ran out of the handful of books we brought.

My other memory is having a brief chat with Michael Deforge on Saturday morning. He gave me a $5 bill that had a strange chunk missing in the bottom middle. It felt like the perfect bill for him to hand to me. IDK if he actually knows who I am or if he was creeped out that I recognized him.

It was great to see familiar upper-half faces again IRL—ones that I haven't seen in so many years. Linda, Saicoink, Jade, Jade, Keelin, Lis, Nozmo, Mimmy, Yeti, Miguel, Christine, Elissa, Fawn, Gary, Peter, Miles, past patrons, and so many more (I'm sorry if I missed your name). Had a nice chill dinner with Jade and Alex on Saturday, then bone soup pick-your-own-ingredients (?) with POME mag Rachel, Jenny, and Ashley.

It was nice to be reminded of how much people love and support comics and their creators.

Thanks to everyone who supported us all these years. I appreciate everyone who came by and for all the sweet conversations, small or large.