We meant to hold off on releasing this until closer to TCAF, but my fellow contributors Ittybeatty and Powerswithin were very hype about the fact that it is Majima Goro's birthday today (May 14), so here's the FREE digital version!

92p b/w comics, illustration, and writing. Autobio x yakuza headcanons!

Hope it makes you laugh and gives you good feelings (and makes you want to play more Yakuza). We had a really good time making it. It could've been so much longer, but space time continuum is a thing. We talk about Yakuza so much in private conversations, so some of those moments are aired out in the zine.

A small handful of the printed copies will still be available at TCAF 2022! These ones are lovingly printed and handbound by the always skilled Wai/belugachop. I tried to get her to play Yakuza too but I think her computer was dying ;_;

Image description Image description Image description

On the topic of Yakuza, Bea found a wholesome video about ex-Yakuza starting an udon noodle shop from NHK World ;_;. Same essence.

Yakuzine WIP

About the upcoming Yakuzine (Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku zine) feat. Dirchansky, Powerswithin, and Ittybeatty.

Yakuzine! Our Yakuza / Ryu ga Gotoku (game) fanzine—it's coming along!

Here's a bit of a preview.

Image description

It's a monster at ~90 pages and still a lot of placeholders that need to be replaced/refined. Will feature myself, Powerswithin, and Ittybeatty. It's an interesting project because it's both autobio / not autobio and varying degrees of scrappy. There are a lot of short silly comics. WEIRD stuff. Regardless, it really demonstrates our feelings and love for the characters/series!

Image description

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The digital version will be free to read while the printed version will be super limited (it's the Kiwami / Kami-edition) and available at TCAF/Love Love Hill for a short period. Release date is mid-June, in time for TCAF!

Been posting some personal previews on Masto with #yakuzine tag!

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Image description

Today's music post: Fang Marked Viper from Yakuza 4 OST.

My part in Yakuzine will primarily be poorly drawn joke comics, I'm not sure if doing this traced study of Majima will result in anything, but it was fun. I have observed him, VERY CLOSELY. I told my fellow zinesters:

tracing Majima's lips was like...touching them...indirectly

digital black and white sketches of Majima Goro from Yakuza series, all traced from various screenshots.

IMO it does take some good art sense to trace well (haha), especially if the subject is 3d. You have to make judgments about where the edge/line should be.

I also drew these Majimazations. I made that word up. I crossed Majima with some of my favourite characters/animals...

Digital black and white sketch of Majima Goro from Yakuza series crossed with other things that Dirchansky likes, including: shrimp, Sally from LINE friends, Kuchipatchi from Tamagotchi, and a possum)

I was lacking hardware I needed to do some of my work efficiently, so I invested in a Framework laptop for its by design repairability.

Photo of the framework laptop box and modules.

Mine is a DIY edition where I got to pick the expansion cards (ports) and I bought my own memory and storage locally. The laptop works well and it was very easy to insert my own parts and take it apart, as the instructions show. I had used various macbooks for school/work and a PC tower for my home stuff, so I'm hoping this will be a laptop that I can use for a decade.

Photo collage. Left photo shows the interior of the Framework laptop box, which has recyclable packaging, stickers, tool, and interior illustration in the top lid. Right photo shows the laptop, opened to 180 degrees flat.

I ordered mine without an OS, hoping that I could try out a Linux distribution (in efforts to get off the very non-private Windows...) as the main, but unfortunately it didn't work out. I watched hours of Linux videos, picked 3 "easy" or "beginner" distros (Elementary, Zorin, Linux Mint) to try out in a virtual machine. Elementary OS's installation screen was cut off so I couldn't advance in the installation because I couldn't see the continue/next button (ahaha). Next was Zorin, which refused to work in full screen and perma black screened after I mounted the recommended guest additions in VM. Linux Mint was the only one that worked decent enough for me to keep in virtual machine with a Windows host. I am bummed out, but also not technical enough to troubleshoot in Linux! I tried to install mysterious old drivers for my extremely old wacom intuos 3 tablet, but it was too complicated. Kernels? Packages?! Guest additions?! Terminal? Command line? Flatpaks? IDK! Aurevoir! I'm also under the impression that using graphics / drawing software isn't particularly great in virtual machine anyway...but who knows. Pat myself on the back for trying!

I feel like I tainted the laptop by installing windows on it, but unfortunately it is needed for my collaborative work :(. Grateful to Wai who saved me a long time ago by making a windows boot disk for me, when my previous hard drive bricked!!

Today's music post: Jajja Alimuffe by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble

May media round up

What I read/played in May 2021

Cover Image

Yakuza: Like a Dragon by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio (2021 PC release)

Since it's the first RPG style game of the Yakuza franchise, I did find that it takes longer to get through the plot compared to say, playing easy-mode in the action battle system. I found that I had to "level" up a lot more before feeling confident to take on some of these boss battles. It requires more planning/strategy overall, since bosses/enemies/party members each have their unique weaknesses. Otherwise same flavour of plot! I enjoyed it! I get really offended whenever the gross pervy enemies do perv moves on the lady characters in my party :(, so I try to destroy them first...

Collage of sketches of various characters from the Yakuza 7 series.

Kasuga is really stupid but in a different way from Kiryu. Definitely more feelsy, and stronger EYELASH game. Himbo energy is extremely strong!! Zhao is a sensitive boy but so powerful chop chop chop. I love how Eri uses office stationery as weapons. I can't believe Han Joon-gi doesn't have a karaoke song; for a while I'd call him "fast boy" because he gets so many turns. Adachi is such a dad type (his weird in-street/public flexing), but his Machine Gun Kiss is REALLY good. I laughed SO HARD at Kasuga's rapping backup for Like A Butterfly. I really like when Yapi says "Ya-pi"! I appreciated Saeko's resilience and vulnerability. I hope Nanba gets his hair under control...

My heart still belongs to Majima Goro, bunchan, and the chickens. Sketch of Majima Goro from Yakuza 0, holding a Bunchan java sparrow plush

Decolonize Palestine and Visualizing Palestine

I found these resources helpful in building my understanding of a lot of the underlying context for what's happening in Palestine.

Dorohedoro by Q Hayashida (vol. 2-23 end)

The world building/logic is so different from IRL that you just want to keep reading on to understand how it all works. I think I understand 75% of what happened, but was lost when they start talking about time differences. I'm never quite sure what is/isn't reality, though I think that's also how the characters felt too. I 10000% ship Shin/Noi and Caiman/Nikaido, and now I want to eat gyoza!!

The Arab of the Future (vol. 1) by Riad Sattouf

I'm not sure how this came onto my radar; might have been a random recommendation through my library's overdrive/libby (what I use to read most of my stuff these days). Because of this, I wasn't sure what to expect! I was able to learn a bit more about a specific sliver of arab culture (or at least, see some side of it). There were points where I felt that the dual storytelling (narrative in panels vs. dialogue in panels) took me longer to mentally parse than I expected (as in, I noticed I was having trouble understanding). I would attribute this to the fact that I am not well versed in the political and religious context where the story takes place though! I'm pretty sad about the dog...

Today's music post: Moulan Shakur by Khalab & M'berra Ensemble from the album, M'berra.