Micro animal music

Original songs and lyrics about animals that I like.

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Yesterday we were watching AmaZane's video on making original music with chordchord (a music chord generator). This resulted in a night full of strange scrappy music making, many inspired by existing animal characters!!!

Opossum song by Dirchansky

I'm a little possum up in the tree
waiting for someone to come feed me
Can you give me chicken bones and maybe some scraps
come and gimmie lots of tasty snacks

You can leave it out on the gray slate
Cause once you put it out, I will not wait
It can be greasy, or kind of burnt
Once it's in me, I'll make it churn

if you get closer, I may turnover
and put out a smell of a putrid ogre
stay your distance, or I'll be sad
laying restless for a tad

Tako song by Dirchansky

swimming in the ocean
with 7 legs, instead of 8

lip bleeding profusely
but why? nobody knows?

crying tears into the water
No one can tell,
cause it's already salty

Hiding under my coconut
I wait, for a sign

a puffer fish swims by
i wonder, will it be my friend?
it looks scared and puffs up
and bounces away...never to be seen, again...

and I cry

cry salty tears

IttyBeatty has more, one based on Ferzo!!!