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Random other things I've been doing

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Was gifted a sea otter cross stitch kit designed and compiled by Rachael Faith. I haven't cross stitched in probably, 20+ years. The pattern was easy to follow, though I messed up a few parts cause I got lazy with counting, as well as I just began to go rogue...

Photo of a cross stitch of 2 sea otters holding hands in the water, with lily pads around them.

It took 2 full days to finish!! Probably because I wasn't particularly proficient with getting the needle through the back-to-front.

I had a super busy week so I'm glad for the weekend to be here. I'm also recovering from a mystery injury, but thankfully it is getting better and wasn't affecting my dominant arm. I treated myself to some Provolone Soresina and it's soooo good! Love the sharpness of it.

I tested out non-latex liquid masking fluid (non-latex, Demco) for the first time. I wasn't sure how it'd turn out but it was pretty straightforward to use, but Wai and I have the same gripe about how it's like erasing shavings on your paper later on!

Photo collage, showing watercolour/ink with liquid masking fluid on the left, and liquid masking fluid rubbed off on the right.

I'm always looking for excuses to use my fountain pens more. I did learn cursive growing up, and although I do write semi-cursive on the regular, I forgot a lot of the uppercase letterforms in cursive.

Photo of subpar cursive handwriting on lined paper

I recently re-read HWA book 1 on my ereader and was feeling embarrassed about it all...

Today's music post: Sheep by Hiroshi Yoshimura

Waxed paper weave

Strange DIY from old prints

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I have these extremely old risograph prints from 2012 that have been sitting in a I decided to make abstract art out of it haha.

I cut the prints up in 1" x 17" stripes, then taped one end and wove them together.

Photo collage of making weaved paper (in yellow and red colour) out of interlaced strips of paper

After that I sacrificed this peeler to the craft spirts and shaved some candle wax onto the surface, and ironed the wax to melt it and have it penetrate the paper. I flipped it over to do the back-side as well. I ended up using a hair blow dryer as well to flatten down the uneven wax parts as much as I could.

Photo collage of melting wax onto weaved paper (in yellow and red colour)

I'm not sure what I'm going to do it this, but I do like it more than the original drawing...

Today's music post: Jumping Dance by Mario Mathy (1987). This is one of those times where the video is a must watch for the strange but extremely passionate and energetic vibe this person has for their keyboard playing. It's REALLY 80s...