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I've finally migrated to a new web host in efforts to consolidate my online presence. As part of that I've also moved this blog, merged it with my existing CMS, and purged a bunch of my 1+ year old entries. Things really change quickly in life (COVID-19!!!).

I meant to make the print copy of HWA for TCAF, but with TCAF cancellations I decided to hold off for now. Truthfully I wouldn't even be able to get the printing done without exposure to the outside world, and I also don't want to increase exposure and put others at risk. It will be a great feeling/looking book, even though the contents and binding will be pretty scrappy, haha. I updated the HWA website with all the "gently" edited pages though!

In lieu of working on my very labour-intensive HWA book assembly, I have a few things up my sleeve:

  • Still working to finish my contribution to Love Love Hill's comic anthology, BLT
  • Finished a rough animatic for HWA-related animation. It's going to be painful, but I also dragged in a few other creatives to lend their support, so it will get done...eventually? Cool people include: Nos, Bradley Gareth, and Eddy Yeung)!

I also did an interview with M. Sorcier on Ink, Sweat and Tears, where I revealed many things that I think about when crafting stories about feelings and emotions! Lots of webcomic artists are being featured, so keep the website bookmarked ~

Hope you all take care!