Tabling, conventions...

Trepidations about being part of the real world again

It's weird to think about "con season" again, after so many years of not really thinking about it. I don't know how I ever did 1 con/year, let alone 2-3 a year. I thought through whether I was really ready to go to a possibly crowded event. I still don't feel that ready, but I don't know if I ever will! Trying to adapt.

Ordered N95 masks, gloves, etc. Found out they didn't fit unless I used an ear saver hack. I counted my float—was appalled at how many different currencies I had from going to past cons in at least 4 different countries. Luckily my lack of diligence with depositing small change (from previous con tabling) meant that I had enough float for what is probably (?), my final convention/festival tabling...Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2022.

I'll be representing Love Love Hill at TCAF 2022 on June 18-19, at table 230. We'll have some stock at the TCAF digital marketplace, and then through our online store afterwards. We're next to POME PRESS so we'll have our miniature shoujo row :).

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As a part of the lead up, I was able to finish/contribute to 3 different books:

I'm very proud of all of these and felt like I did some pretty genius things for all of them. They all have smaller print runs (20-40), which reflects my slow exit out of the in-person convention circuit. It would be nice to move to a model where it's more "made to order" as much as possible. It cuts out the excess stock that I'm used to having under my bed (forever). I still plan to make comics, even if I won't be a serial tabler like before—I'm more interested in offering scrappy physical books/zines to people who will really appreciate them.

I moved my stationery list to my main website. I like the idea of my website becoming a personal weird collection of stuff that I like, in addition to just comics/drawings. I've been making updates there at my own whimsy!

Today's music post: anything by Louie Zhong!