Scattered life updates

I have a giant back log of reading/writing/drawing to do ಥ_ಥ

Comments are broken/gone...

I updated this CMS and the commenting system broke—thank you to the few of you that were commenting on/off! If you want to contact me, there is always masto/email, even for quick notes/thoughts (no need to be formal). One day I'll find a private-leaning commenting system...


I'm doing an intra-Toronto move at the end of this year, then an out-of-province move next summer. I'm going to be pre-occupied with sorting, packing, and house hunting. This is also why LLH's store is down for a while.

Judgment / Lost Judgment

I just finished playing Judgment yesterday and started on Lost Judgment! It's interesting to play a main character in a Yakuza-adjacent series who actually has brain cells.

Stationery and fountain pen stuff

Hoping to drop by Scriptus for the first/last time on October 30 2022. I signed up my first/last Toronto's Pelikan Hub on November 18. I heard from the hubmaster that over 80 people signed up for the Toronto event. Pelikan is a fountain pen brand that I have a good handful of, but my heart lives with their vintage pens—such great nibs. I'm not sure what to do at these pen events? Strangers galore. I'm both very social and anti-social at the same time—also paranoid about COVID still!

Other happenings

What weird things can I hit up in Toronto while I'm still here?! I should probably go to Niagara falls? I can feel the clock ticking down to the end of my time here.

  • October 8: Casual sketching on UoT St. George campus
  • November 12: Mysterious Gem Expo then casual sketching in the Distillery district. I don't know much about gems but am curious to know what's up at these events (sort of for research / expanding my knowledge)

Sep 30: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation & Orange Shirt Day

  • Keynote by Brenda Wastasecoot through University of Toronto
  • Learn, listen, and figure out how you personally want to take action on reconciliation
  • Donate to and/or support first nations and indigenous folks and causes