Sabina's birthday

Painting of Sabina from my webcomic.

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It's Sabina's (HWA) birthday today!

A collage of two side-by-side images. The left image shows an inked drawing of an original character looking somewhat surprised while holding a an open notebook with her left hand. The character has wavy hair and is wearing a hooded coat and backpack. The right image is the same as the left, but coloured in with grey watercolour tones.

I often chat with Benjamin Rivers who is a comic artist and game maker! He has a new comic continuation of one of his games, Worse Than Death.

We got into the topic of real g-nibs and art supplies, which led to us talking about how hearing the feedback of a real nib on paper can be a form of ASMR. I got fountain pens so I didn't have to constantly re-dip into ink. A video of the drawing and inking portion (not the painting portion haha) is below.


  • Paper - not sure, probably Canson or Strathmore watercolour paper
  • Mechanical pencil - Kurutoga 0.5mm
  • Fountain pen - Platinum carbon black desk pen (with Platinum carbon black ink)
  • Brush pen - Pentel pocket brush
  • Eraser - Unknown...
  • Watercolour - some mystery mix of brown and blues...

Today's music post: Agua De Rosa - Rooftop Mix by Angelica Garcia & Sinego

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