Range and taste

Thinking too deeply about OC EDC

I like to believe that I'm a person with a wide range of tastes. Or at least a person who can accept when things aren't necessarily for me, but great for others. Some days, I enjoy a look that's minimal stealth, cozy/patterned/rugged/utilitarian, highly accessorized architectural baggy, or straight up child-like. I like to experiment and not be limited. I'm trying to venture more into super patterned looks, but I'm probably the most timid about that. There's so much to try, but I also admire people who are super consistent with their look. I probably own too much stuff because of my inability to settle down.

I'm interested in fashion, but wouldn't consider myself fashion-forward, but rather, just informed, and appreciative of fashion as another form of self-expression. It's interesting how even a single item can turn a whole outfit from uncoordinated to coordinated, casual to formal, and vice versa!

Been thinking a lot about my own every day carry (EDC). If I'm just going out nearby or a quick trip, I may just bring a credit card and my phone. I switch my bag depending on what I'm going to do outside or what I have to carry. I have a wallet that is very nice and small! Most of my favourite wardrobe items and accessories have earned their fav status because of their acceptable sized pockets.

The current Here We Are mains (Jake, Austin, Sabina) all derived their accessories/fashion sense from me. That's may seem obvious, given I am their creator, and I'm just making up their EDC based on what I know of them, but I also own a lot of their stuff (or variations of).

Photo of an open notebook with drawings of Here We Are characters' everyday carry. This spread includes Jake and Austin.

Jake carries a lot and is quite organized about it even with a compact carry. He's a bag in bag in bag kinda guy. He's ready for a variety of scenarios—like limiting theft attempts. He has a lot of great stationery. Things that seem off-style are usually from his mom.

Austin doesn't carry a bag unless he's going to school. His EDC is more utilitarian, rugged, sporty, and leathery. Not shown here, but he packs differently for field work or camping. Ultralight packing-mode Austin is a different beast.

Photo of an open notebook with drawings of Here We Are characters' everyday carry. This spread includes Sabina and Fake.

Sabina's bag is dual purpose groceries and EDC, so it's more of a big black hole. Things get lost and found in it. Not much internal organization. There are fun found objects, trinkets, tokens, and artefacts in her bag—like a miniature treasure museum.

Fake mainly carries a bag for work. He's has a different look as a professional, which is in contrast with his more laid back/casual look on a regular day. He tends to be running all over the city and eats out a lot, thus, has gotten into carrying his own cutlery and beverage holders.

I've been enjoying Yoseka Stationery's Casually Catching Up videos where they just talk about whatever happenings in their stationery store—it's like stationery free talk. They're so charming! I wonder if I'll be able to visit before I leave for the west.

2023 planners are dropping! I might try Take a Note's Record system next year. It looks so well designed and flexible—RANGE! Also shooting myself in the foot with all these different sized notebooks (A5, A5 slim, A6, B6...etc).