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Free fountain pen that works very well!

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A while back I got an Oliver Exam fountain pen (pistol ink mechanism) for free with my Rangapens order. After letting it air out for a few months, it's still a bit smelly (it doesn't sit with my other pens because of its smelliness), but tolerable, so I loaded it up with J. Herbin's Emeraude De Chivor sample that I had lying around.

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Wasn't sure what to expect (will it clog?! will this pen even write??), but it turns out that this is a great writer! It wrote wet right out of the gate; it's an ink guzzler! The nib (steel) feels softer than most steel nibs that I've used. Pretty shocking for a freebie pen! I think the nib says "Oliver 100 Steel B-CO", but I have no idea what that means. Might just be an Indian manufactured nib.

I saw these really cute chipmunk socks and bib and toy set by POMPKINS (ポプキンズ) and had to draw it as a memory...since I will not be able to wear these things. I've never been able to capture sheen and sparkle properly on photo (this is Midori MD cream paper) but it's way more prominent in real life.

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After using it for a while, I have noticed that the ink is drying and evaporating out (?) while just sitting on my desk, capped. The ink in the piston-well gets lower and lower everyday even though it isn't being used everyday. Too bad since I really do like the nib! Still a viable pen for a some shorter term-intense glitter writing session, but it doesn't seem like it will be reliable to hold ink in the long run. Too bad since I enjoy the nib and would've loved to have it in my regular rotation!

Today's music post: Care by beabadoobee from the Fake It Flowers album. I get 90s girl indie pop rock vibes from her music. I have limited music knowledge, but kind of like Natalie Imbruglia, Sheryl Crow in back in the 90s/early 2000s, but her voice sounds sweeter and youthful!

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