Moved mastodon instances

Another tech/web-related update. I moved mastodon instances! Now at hehe. I'm going to delete my old account in the new year.

If you're new to the fediverse, Mastodon is one of many software/platforms you can use to talk/post/interact. If you're looking for people to follow on the fediverse, there are many tips/directories/accounts to help someone get started:

I'll continue screaming into the void (and enjoying it).

I tried to self-install my own server/instance by renting a VPS and installing yunohost to help with server administration, but it was quite technically challenging to setup and presumably, maintain to the standards of security/privacy I'd want. If you're a bit more technically adept than I am, Paula has a write-up here on self-hosting a fediverse server with VPS! I took a quick look at self-hosting from my own hardware but that was even more complicated, haha. I learned a lot about VPS...things...Putty...

I ended up going back to managed hosting with Hugo over at MastoHost. I am now drunk with power because I can upload my own emoji. Mutant Standard looks very cool.

I boarded another 30p+ of comic book stuff, though the boards may not see the light of day since they're my own writing reference. Now to turn these boards into a script. I did some pretty cool layouts on some pages!

Today's music post: Pat Lok - Oh No Oh No (JNTHN STEIN Remix)feat Mar|Co

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Written by fluffyfied on December 18, 2021

Your own instance, that's so cool! :D I wish you much fun with it. I'm a bit envious about the emoji freedom. Those Mutant Standard emojis look pretty!

Dirchansky Admin
Written by Dirchansky on December 20, 2021

Getting my own instance was easy (through managed hosting) though it's another expense that one has to consider. I haven't installed any fancy new emoji yet, but the admin console looks easy to use so far. Right now it's harder to find things through hashtags because my "instance" isn't well federated with the rest of the fediverse right now, so now I actually have to try to follow/interact with people so there are more relays across servers, but I am...SHY SHY...

Written by fluffyfied on December 28, 2021

Oh, I can imagine with the federation. I wish you good luck and energy to get connected to all the interesting parts of the fediverse soon!