More old comics

I uploaded Hideout (2015, printed in Cry to the Moon) and Deadline (2016 printed in Human Plantation) onto my website. Usually I put things up when they're going to go out of print! These two comics are old and kind of scrappy, but I remember Hideout being one of my longer short stories that didn't end all peachy. Deadline was modeled off my old bachelor apartment unit and mirrored some aspects of my life when reaching a deadline to write/draw about a Deadline.

Both back in the days when I drew all the core artwork traditionally! Though I did the sketches digitally, printed them, and then finalized on paper with a lightbox.

Some WIP from Hideout, where I did the final linework in pencil. Image description

Image description

Some WIP from Deadline, where I did the final linework with pigment liners. Image descrip Image description

My biggest regrets are how big my screentone patterns were, relative to the size of my linework.