Jake's birthday

June 22 was Jake's birthday! It was/is a busy week so I didn't get to make a refined picture, so here's a scrappy drawing instead. It feels like it has been a while since i last draw him; I actually forgot to draw piercings until I flipped to some other pages in my notebook and saw older drawings I had of him. Usually when I think of Jake I'm chanting 'crybaby jock' in my head. He wouldn't appreciate that, though I don't mean it in a bad way (it's a literal label, given how things go in the comic). OF course I had to draw the raccoon again!

Photo of an open cross-grid notebook page, with a rough sketch of an original character (Jake) holding up a raccoon plush proudly. There is a black fountain pen on the left side, resting in the spine of the notebook.

Unrelated to anything else, I've been really into shoebills, especially since seeing a Miyako Kawaguch kei fabric pattern, and then later some weird videos about the machine-gun-beak clatter sounds that a shoebill makes. You can see the shape of their trachea through the back of their mouth sometimes...which I personally think looks disturbing, but interesting nonetheless!

photo of various shoebill expressions and poses, drawn with purple/pink fountain pen ink, surrounded by text and leaves written in green fountain pen ink

A week ago, I dug out my old Come For A Drink game files off my external hard drive, because a couple of people asked about how to get all the endings. Had to dig around the old code to remember what logic I had programmed, but I managed to write up a guide to all 9 endings! This game continues to be extremely embarrassing and amazing at the same time, but I feel that way about everything I make.

Recently Paypa| decided to freeze our Love Love Hill account, so we took the store down for a while to figure things out/research our options.

Today's music post: Dõõmer by A lake by the mõõn.

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Written by Litda on June 28, 2021

More reasons why I am scaling back and opting for Stripe over Paypal as much as possible.

Dirchansky Admin
Written by Dirchansky on July 3, 2021

Yah I mainly heard the horror stories re: Paypal, but this is my first time having issues with them personally. Have you been happy with Stripe?

Written by Litda on July 20, 2021

I've been really happy with Stripe thus far. I haven't had any issues with them.