Preview of short HWA animations that I'm drawing by hand in CSP.

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I'm having fun with these titles (haha). In my head I read HWA as HUA and it reminds me of the pronunciation of FLOWER 花 in mandarin. So HWAcomic and HWAnimation turn into flower-comic, flower-animation (which ultimately makes it more endearing to me).

One of my big projects (aside from drawing HWAcomic) is the HWAnimation. As I drew the comic I felt like there were certain scenes that would've benefited from colour and moving media in some way. It's slated to be something I tackle more meaningfully between September-December 2020, since I have some time set aside to (1) learn how to animate, (2) learn animation software, and (3) actually animate. As if drawing comics wasn't painful/time consuming enough!

Since wrapping up the HWAcomic book I've be laying down some timing and groundwork for what I have in mind. I think most people would storyboard before going to animatic, but the comic itself already felt a LITTLE bit like a storyboard, so I went straight to animatic. That might've been a bad choice, but I had some very particular feelings about subtle nuances and timing to music/sound, and I couldn't achieve that in another pass of storyboards.

For these I've done them as frame-by-frame animations in Clip Studio Paint EX. It's also on my radar to check out grease pencil, but not sure if that would stylistically work for what I'm trying to achieve.

Awkward snowy graduation rough animatic

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I'll be tackling this small segment first. With the added voices, it makes the scene 1000% more awkward than the drawing alone, to the point where I personally begin to feel 2nd hand awk while listening to it. There's something amazing/delightful as well as completely mortifying to have your OCs voiced by real people.

It's amazing/delightful because voice adds a new dimension of life to a character (in my head, they never had audio tracks) and now these characters will continue to have these voices in my head as I draw future things. It's mortifying because as a classic self-deprecating artist, I believe that my creations are big dumpster fires and putting someone through the act of voicing them induces feelings of momentary guilt (e.g., I'm sorry I'm subjecting you to my horrible OCs). It helps to work with professionals, haha.

After that segment, I'll tackle the longer thing, which I currently describe as a "trailer" of some sorts for the slow burn arc of HWA (ch.1-11). This one is quite a bit longer and ambiguously daisy chains dramatic moments from the earlier chapters. I also dumped in some free sfx that I found online.

I actually made this before the ch.9 clip, and realized I should start with something shorter/simpler first haha. I wondered if it was misleading or too dramatic?? Oh well, I'm going all in with the ~drama~.

Shoutout to the cool/skilled people I'll be collaborating with:

Please hire them for your future projects :)

Beyond the brute drawing/animating, I have to think through workflow too. Although CSP is pretty powerful for frame-by-frame and everything I posted above was done within the program, I still wonder if the more nuanced audio editing and some of the effects (like snow) can be done better/faster in a different program. Lots to mull over and I welcome any suggestions!

I was never the type do make 8tracks/OSTs for my work (probably because I never drew longer form comics?!), but since working on the HWAnimation I've been thinking a lot more about sound and music. Some thoughts on character tracks below:

Jake - GoGo Penguin's Raven

WHY? Jake is a complicated person with a bit of drama simmering underneath the surface. Sometimes it boils over, sometimes it doesn't. One thought can easily snowball into a whole sequence of conclusions.

Austin - Phum Viphurit's Lover Boy.

WHY? I feel like it has an easy going, straightforward, sweet, but persistent vibe. This feels like Austin at a surface level. Deep down he likely over-indexes on relationship management and dedication a la LP's Lost on You.

Fake - Cyndi Seui's My name is Dos

WHY? I feel like there is a very peppy jokey side to Fake. I can imagine him humming along to this tune in the office and being very out of step with the existing culture.

Sabina - Jorja Smith's Blue Lights

WHY? She's deeply skeptical of everything and has a strong desire to rebel against formal authority...