HWA was moved

TFW you get really obsessed redoing/updating a website.

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I moved HWA to its own subdomain and HARDCODED most of the website!!! Added captions/alt text for chapter 11 extras and 12. Originally it was hosted under the Kirby CMS, but now it's its own monster.

Please judge me for embedding style code directly in-line HTML because I couldn't figure out how to do things otherwise!

Because of the move, the old RSS link won't work anymore, so you'll have to update it or just follow this blog/me on masto since I will note when I update the comic. It has been over a year HAHA. I also have to update my RSS feed manually. Was any of this a good idea? Probably not? But I do feel free from mysterious too-automated things, like CSS inheritance nightmares, subpar thumbnail generation, etc. Sometimes it's easier for me to manually do things myself to get it closer to my ~vision~.

Now my code definitely doesn't have 3rd party trackers. Fun! I used a responsive HTML template from W3. I had to dig back into the depths of my not-very-good-to-begin-with-PHP knowledge (good ol if/else statements) to make the pagination slightly more automated, but it is not fool proof as one would hope (for now).

Screenshot of possum favicon for Here We Are webcomic site

The most exciting part is that I made a new possum favicon!!! I also added character mini bios, links, and other blatherings.

Screenshot of draft mini bios currently on the Here We Are webcomic site


At some point I want to rejig my main domain hero images too. It's hard to decide what to promote...please look at everything and don't look at everything. So much effort/time has gone into some of these projects...

Other musings:

  • As if it wasn't clear, I'm into the Indieweb movement (without knowing this label existed). Along the same vein, I'm also into indie print, small press, and zines. Smaller communities...
  • There are also cool places like neocities that exist now, to host your website. I heard neocities was also OK with NSFW. I looked at their TOS and it seems like there isn't anything outright banning adult content.
  • A friend of mine noted that friendships are often based on mutual dislike rather than mutual like. True or false?!
  • A wire previously cemented onto my teeth un-cemented itself so now I have to spend more $ (sad).
  • I'm working through some dialogue and had trouble tackling the words through pen/paper. It's a somewhat vulnerable moment for the character, so I pretended I was them and began saying phrases out loud instead of writing them. I ended up crying as I spoke, like unintentionally tapping into my own empathy. Is it a good or bad thing...? It was a surprise...
  • The peertube instance I was on is closing down, so I had to figure out what to do with the HWAnimations. I converted the old animatics to gifs for now. All I can see are the parts that could be improved and smoother, but the thought of cracking these files open again is too scary. I was absolutely bananas to have made this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please share it and the web comic, if you want!!

Today's music post: Leaf High by Priya Ragu. Also love this live performance of Lockdown on BBC Music.