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Final HWAnimation snow scene

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IT'S HERE!!!!!! A scrappy animated scene from the non-existent anime version of my webcomic, Here We Are! It's a scene from chapter 9 of the comic.

There are soooo many things that could be refined about this, but I have to turn my attention to my many other projects. I hope people enjoy it despite how rough around the edges it is. I really fumbled around at the beginning, but as I approached the final scene I figured out better ways of working.

Some learnings:

  • Vector layers: a good friend that makes getting rid of intersecting lines very fast. Also good for preserving line quality when constantly resizing and rotating things (which happens a lot in animation, it appears). I didn't leverage this until wayyyy to late, but straight up editing vector anchor points, simplifying lines, etc. were useful, especially if you can't draw strokes properly.
  • Mesh transform tool: Warp all the things to save you re-drawing time!
  • Listen closely: I accidentally listened to the voice/dialogue on high volume through earphones (maybe I should've been doing this to begin with HAHA) and discovered I didn't crop some audio cleanly between takes; I ended up fading out the edges of most of the audio in lieu
  • Gap between taste and skill: The gap is quite pronounced, relative to the other creative endeavours I take on. Regardless, it was all good practice. I give myself 5 gold stars for perseverance, and 2.5 stars for drawing.
  • Solid drawing: I don't have this skill! I don't like drawing graduation caps in rotation. Please!! No! MORE! I should've really nailed done my key frames first. I should've drawn 180 degree rotations/character sheets instead of going by intuition. Lacking a lot of consistency across scenes because of this.
  • Incremental efforts: I'm a "futz as you go" kind of person and that likely led to some un-made decisions that couldn't be undone without 40+ frames of rework later on.
  • Reference: I should've looked at reference earlier than I did. I should have relied more heavily on it, though I suppose it's also of merit to try to draw from your imagination too (though the results are likely subpar if aiming for realism). I mainly relied on intuition and whatever brain data bank I had. For the hat and mouth movements, I did record myself. It's amazing that technology (cameras on phones) is so readily available for artists to get reference that they need quickly.

As celebration, I got fries and fried chicken for dinner, and ordered myself stationery (ink samples! fountain pen!!) which I'm sure I'll talk about later.

Today's music post: Whiskey and Rhapsody from Yakuza 4 OST. Listened to this song a lot while working on the final scenes of this animation!

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