HWA inking video

Video of me inking a HWA comic page in CSP.

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A while back I was testing out screen recording software on PC and ended up trying out OBS Studio. As a test I recorded myself inking a page of HWA ch 11. The actual video was ~1h 15 and then sped up 8x.

There was a thread going on about our best self-isolation/quarantine outfits. I was working "abroad" at the time and only had a limited capsule wardrobe packed, made up of primary black/gray clothing (cause that's foolproof travel garb for ya). Someone asked if I was the next Touken Ranbu danshi. I didn't know what that was until I looked it up; it's an online game where legendary Japanese swords have human male representations.

I did the sixfanart template that was going around social media, but ended up with more than six requests, so I just made my own template, haha. Always interesting to draw things you wouldn't normally draw!

Today's music post: 椎名林檎と宇多田ヒカル - 浪漫と算盤 / Sheena Ringo & Hikaru Utada- The Sun&moon. Two powerhouse queens in one song, too good!! Also check out 宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 too :).

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