Fall is here

I started working on HWA comic in earnest again. It doesn't feel like I left it alone for so long in terms of...mind space. I was working on the book, animation, strip comics, research/plotting/writing, thumbnailing, mirroring, etc.—but sometimes it can look like unproductivity, even though most of the work is invisible and behind the scenes.

Panel layouts for ch. 13. At this point I'm looking at flow across a page (and vertical scroll reading for online), across a spread (for print), and across all pages in this chapter. I tend to prioritize function and clarity over everything else.

Screenshot of several zoomed-out comic pages (from Clip Studio Paint) that show panel borders and placeholder text location.

Rough drawing for ch. 13. This is a technically difficult chapter for me to draw because there are a lot of buildings and perspective, but hopefully when I get to refining it all, it won't look too bad...? At this stage I also try to figure out speech bubble placement and where I can trim excess dialogue. There are some points where I'll change the size/bleed of certain drawings/panels as I go along.

Screenshot of the clip studio paint EX interface, showing 24 pages of comic page thumbnails.

I post WIP with #HWAcomic on masto. Maybe at the end of 2022(?) I can put out the next book of HWA, but the stories/characters are living their own plots/lives, so we shall see.

I've been working on a bunch of things—much of which I can't share or am choosing to not share broadly (e.g., drawing training). Always have ideas percolating. Some recent viz dev:

Digital sketch of an original character named Ian, in various poses and expressions

Digital sketch of an original character named Fanta, in various poses and expressions

Digital sketch of various police-inspired outfits

Suits...yes...! I have complex feelings about these very very old (aka created decades ago) characters, primarily because of on-going discussion about abolishing such roles in communities and society. There was/is definitely a lot of harm done by such institutions and people in positions of power. I'm still figuring out how to best release them into the story-world, though it will never be good or perfect (nor is it intended to be).

I suppose you have to be somewhat obsessed with your own characters/stories/comic to have the perseverance to bring them to life. Nicknames I have for HWA characters—you can guess who is who:

  • Crybaby jock
  • Sunshine plantboy
  • Pokerface princess
  • Masked joker
  • Horse girl
  • Quiet giant
  • Unapologetic realness
  • Sad man
  • Cool mom

Other updates:

  • My building finally switched from central AC to central heating this week, so I don't have to have cold hands from drawing.
  • I was going to move away from this city at the end of the year, but decided to stick around for one more year...
  • The roaches are back (barf), right after I signed another yearly lease!
  • I switched to doing 7 min exercise everyday (almost) and having 2 meals a day (intermittent fasting) to see how things would go. My body got used to only eating 2 meals a day pretty quickly. I try to eat lunch around noon, dinner finish before 9pm, so that's ~15h of fasting). For me it's a bit of a time and money saving value-add. One less meal to prepare/worry about!
  • IDK why I have so many exercise-loving characters. Exercise is quite torturous (though I suppose comics are too). After a year of nearly daily MINIMAL EFFORT exercise, I can still say that no part of me loves doing it. It remains a chore, a necessary evil to do the bare minimum to maintain this aging, broken body of mine.
  • I have been quieting updating various parts of my website and character profiles.
  • Easing my way back into participating in some form of online project or community; though not on discord, IG, nor birdsite. I can't...
  • Every time I see an article about N / F / T/ s it makes me want to scream because there are so many better/other ways to either support the artist and/or have something bespoke made for you, that doesn't have all the other impacts of N / F / T / s. There's suggestion for creative artists to put clauses against N / F / T / s in your contracts.
  • The greatest tragedy of not having numpad is not being able to use the shortcut to create an emdash, so I have to copy paste it from somewhere else, every time.
  • I've been listening to music from my youth. Anime OSTs from 90s—Akira Senju x B't X, Taku Iwasaki x Rurouni Kenshin OVA, Yoko Kanno x Escaflowne, etc. Gackt's Mars album. All those Slayers character vocal CDs. Dang, it's all so good.
  • Hope to get Yakuzine out early 2022. I have to do more thinking/studying.
  • It's Life on the Hill's 1st issue's 10th anniversary. Wow, so old! 10 years ago me is very different. I see some of my stories in LOTH and feel some cringe, but it was an accurate representation of me at the time. I'll continue to evolve, hopefully for the better.
  • Maybe in 2023, I'll work on the next bit of HWAnimation and/or this strange new prototype visual novel. Wai told me to make the camel for real, and I probably will. The weird dialogue is written by specific people, and the characters were designed based on what the specific people asked for. It's like...a crowdsourced-ish project (?).

Screenshot of a prototype of a visual novel. This screenshot shows a character named Oliver on the left of the screen, saying \"H-hello camel! Ur lips r so plump it's like a bouncy castle\" to a background photo of a camel (placeholder). Oliver has chin-shoulder length, middle parted blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears an oversized white collared shirt over pleated black pants. He has a shy and young demeanour. Screenshot of a prototype of a visual novel. This screenshot shows a character named Sam on the left of the screen, saying \"If I could dream at all, it would be about you and I'm not ashamed of it. Choose me, Camel.\" to a background photo of a camel (placeholder). Sam is wearing a blue ring-necked henley with contrasting piping underneath a check-line white/gray casual blazer and light blue pants. He has a confident and straightforward demeanour. Screenshot of a prototype of a visual novel. This screenshot shows a character named Bo on the left of the screen, saying \"It's your choice. I won't force you to pick me.\" to a background photo of a camel (placeholder). Bo has a close shaved haircut a scar across his left eyebrow/forehead/scalp, and glasses. He wears a rainbow patterned crewneck sweatshirt with a cat on it over a pink patterened undershirt and black pants. He has a pokerface.

Today's music post: my genius pixitracker-made, possum-inspired song, Sneak and Snack.