Doing your best for others

Collage of three inked pages from Here We Are chapter 13's webcomic. Panels/pages show a young woman exploring a new city.

I put HWA aside to do heads down research and writing work. I did start inking some of the initial pages for ch.13 (above), but there's still a lot of work to be done. I might split the chapter to be shorter to leave it more cliffhanger-y and more feasible for me to finish in December. My 2022 work schedule was nearly a blank slate a week ago, but now more inquiries are coming in?!??

Other musings:

  • I infrequently tout myself out as an illustrator, although the pattern is that my more interesting illo work was/is produced for other people—however, more often than not, it's not widely published (because of confidentiality, ownership transfer, etc.) or under some other name, haha. I really enjoy the magic that happens through bringing another person's idea to life, and being pushed to explore ideas/visuals that are beyond what I'd do on my own accord.
  • My post frequency here is roughly once a week, which seems to be exceeding my post frequency on Masto, which then makes me wonder what platform I should be using...
  • There's an upcoming comic about a yakuza member getting magical girl powers, drawn in 80s style...and I bet it's a going to be amazing. Dream Drunkers - Yakuza to mahou no tsue by Saito Banjo.
  • There's also a comic about a yakuza member who loves kpop boyband idol. Yakuza no Oshigoto by Yatsuda Teki.
  • I am sorry to my upcoming collaborator who will have to do the hard labour of drawing mechanical/technical/crowd scenes, while I simply type "buildling" or "cameras" or "crowd".
  • Genius Aranzi Aronzo Usotsuki and Warumono glove designs...
  • Come For a Drink was added to a bunch of game / visual novel databases by other people. I am impressed that someone went through the trouble of tagging character traits, including ones that I didn't know about, like hosome 細目, which means narrow eyes. Interesting to see how others label what you've created.

Today's music post: Heart of Gold (anniversary version) by Mario Jose.