December media round-up

What I read/watched in December 2021.

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I purposefully took a backseat to reading long stuff this month to focus on my own writing...but still managed to fit in a few reading/watchings!

World Piece by Josh Tierney and Agroshka

The comic starts in Toronto! But soon goes into sci-fi world after, haha. The shrinking world swirly cloud scene was so impressively done!! I could really feel the movement. I'm very curious about this doppelgänger character's intentions. Also this stoic glasses man is ~ my type ~ and Lully crying every time they used her card was a mood.

When the Stars are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed (colours by Iman Geddy)

Maybe because this was created with a younger audience in mind, I found it to be a nice balance of "narrative" and "dialogue" which some books geared towards adults struggle with (e.g., they become way too wordy). I felt that I was able to get enough context for an unfamiliar circumstance (living as a Somali refugee in a UN refugee camp in Kenya for over a decade) but could still make the connections to understand the story. I liked that the tensions that Omar felt, more or less remain, but he finds a way to live with them and do what he thinks would be best.

Shoujo manga: the power and influence of girl's comics (featuring Deborah Shamoon, Mia Lewis, Kazumi Nagaike and Erica Friedman)

They covered a lot of different topics during the talk, e.g., CLAMP's visual execution differences across shounen/seinen/shoujo manga magazines, influence of shoujo manga on contemporary queer stories/creators, BL/fujo/queer community tensions (re: queer appropriation/fetishization), etc. I knew a lot about this stuff, inherently, perhaps as both a reader, creator, and from what I've seen in discussions. I drew way more fanart for shounen series for some reason...but my heart belonged to shoujo manga. My defining moment was tracing a panel of a profile view of St. Tail's main character, crying, in Nakayoshi, back in the early 90s. Maybe because it was the first time I really saw a young emotional girl as a main in comics?! I still love to draw people crying HAHA. I also traced DBZ holographic trading cards, but with white glue, for some inexplicable weird reason. All this says a lot about what I draw now—a weird mix...

Snow White with the Red Hair #14-15 (by Sorata Akiduki, translation by Caleb Cook)

Thank you to the author for including this Mitsuhide / Kiki extra chapter. The 00 Days of Summer Vacation was very good too. Mmm shoujo manga...good.

TwoSet Violin virtual tour

It was like watching a story/improv skit/musical/concert at the same time, same flavour as their videos. Full of cringe and bad acting (as expected) and their lovely violin playing. I don't ship Eddy and Brett but this made me laugh really hard:

Two men composing music together. There is a cheesey semi translucent heart object overlaid on top of them.

The Editor(s) need a raise.

Two men playing a single violin together. Eddy is controlling the bow, while Brett is holding the violin.

Eddy what are you doing?

Two men playing a single violin together. Eddy is controlling the bow, while Brett is holding the violin.


Also through this I learned that Tchaikovsky was probably GAY!!! Anyhow is you've never heard of TwoSet Violin, they're Eddy and Brett and their mission is really about sharing education/love for classical music, especially to make it relevant to a newer audience. My friends say that I am more like Brett, cause he's deadpan and makes these chaotic musical creations.

Though I don't practice 40 hours a day, and I was 100% pity minimum-passed my grade 8 piano Royal Conservatory exam decades ago. I have zero musical skill...

I activated a search bar on the sidebar because my entry count has grown and sometimes I have trouble finding my old stuff. I also found a way to self-host my own videos so I don't have to rely on third party places (that track you). Behold—a repost of an old video, now self-hosted with the power of CumulusClips (cause it was already in my cpanel's Softaculous, but I had to do a bunch of manual editing/config in cpanel for it to work)! The other HWA animatic that I am too afraid to touch because my skill doesn't meet my expectation haha.

I sent my comic book script to the editor! I really like how the book came out (storywise) so can't wait to see it come to life. I love...with these characters! Now I'm a bit of an empty, creative husk. It became a fairly emotion/feels-driven book.

Have to turn my attention to Yakuzine next~

Today's music post: Continuing the anime fever from last post, I found a 1994-1996 anime OP playlist and it's filling me with nostalgia. I forgot how much isekai I watched before the recent isekai boom came about. EL much harem...I don't remember the plots of the majority of these shows but I remember these songs like yesterday.

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