Comic pitches

Comic ideas brewing in the brain

There was a birdsite pitch party recently, #DVpit/#DVart (DV = diverse voices). I'm not on birdsite so I don't participate, but this kind of event has worked for a lot of people (to get in contact with an agent, editor, publisher, etc.). Many pitch hashtags exist, but I'm not sure if there is a specific one for comics. I've seen people use #GN (graphic novel?) in conjunction with the aforementioned hashtags.

I have pitched a comic ONCE in my life. It was a very short one-shot comic for an indie anthology (maybe one that was eventually kickstartered?) a long time ago. My pitch wasn't accepted, but generally a failed submission doesn't stop me from moving forward with things, though it is instead at my own time and expense (aka business as usual, haha).

Since then, I haven't pitched/submitted to anything that has a more structured process. Structurally I don't have fully formed thoughts about most of my comics until I'm in the middle of making them (especially if it is long form).

I thought it would be good practice to write my own elevator pitches for ideas/stories that are brewing in my head. A practice in being concise. So here are some comic ideas that have been brewing in my brain.

Stuck in the middle

Suddenly promoted from a production to manager role, _____ needs to navigate new workplace politics, clients, and relationships. Without formal training, will they sink, or swim?

I've gone through a handful of management/leadership trainings, books, and experienced the above struggle first hand at work. Most training is in a pure written format or verbal practical guidance. It could be interesting to tell a story from the middle management POV, since they're sandwiched in an unfortunate place where they're beholdened to so many people. It is a thankless job. It would be wrought with emotional turmoil, mistake-making, but hopefully a lot of learning as well. Empathy for middle managers. Niche intersection of comics x new age management. Drama, slice-of-life, comedy, contemporary. Probably more jousei-leaning and I'd use some of the characters from my shorts in BLTease for the office.


Royal guard hires savvy mercenary escort for long distance trip. In close quarters they become acutely aware of each other. Hotshot carrothead x Reserved oldman. UST rivals 2 lovers (?)

Sketch/draft of 2 comic pages, showing a meeting between two men in a fortress room.

Many people assume I draw old man BL. I guess the one-shot and the game skewed this perception, even though I've drawn way more non-BL non-old man stories haha. This is my attempt to go all-in on it. I wouldn't say it is particularly original or ground breaking—pure indulgence! I haven't drawn a fantasy-setting comic in a while. I have roughly a full volume-worth of stuff outlined. I'm most excited by some random horse plush I've designed. Another genius item.

Doodles of a very stubby looking horse plush

I still have a lot of work to do on HWA, so there won't be much action on these ideas if it's on my own time.

Today's music post: 黃金法則/The Golden Rule by The Hertz. A friend asked me if there was a HK equivalent of the popular Japanese city pop style of music. I wasn't sure if there was officially, though I recall that HK musicians did covers of Japanese songs in the 80/90s in canto/mando (without calling them "covers" explicitly). I went on a hunt and found The Hertz, a more contemporary band that evokes a new city pop flavour!