Bugslu x fountain pen

WHSmith school cartridge pen (Platignum)

Cover Image

Another animal/creature edition of OC x fountain pen.

2 WHSmith school pens (made by...Platignum?), frankenpened together to make the most matching Bugslu body. Bugslu is rainbow coloured but most of their body is green. While I don't have any blue/red in this mix, hopefully it is close enough ahaha.

photo collage of a bright coloured fountain pen laying on top of an open ruled notebook page. The notebook page shows a drawing of a Bugslu flying around some flowers that were drawn in blue ink.

Interestingly the nib itself is a folded steed nib, not tipped. Apparently this means that the nib may wear out faster than a tipped one.

Photo close-up of a fountain pen nib with a folded tip.

Today's music post: Perch Privileges by Nature's Neighbor from their album, O t h e r s i d e.