Intro to Love Love Hill's 2020 comic anthology: BLTease!

Cover Image

Love Love Hill has a fun new comic anthology out called BLTease. This time Linda came up with the concept and did a bang-up job of putting together a fun anthology with an awesome cover! We had a lot of fun discussion about "amazing" tropes that we could write/draw stories about. All the stories are pure in their glasses love and are very happy and feel-good! Linda asked if she could draw my characters on the cover and I said "sure" but I didn't realize that meant they were the ONLY ones on the cover, hahaha. I'm extremely flattered!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up submitting a series of short gag comics that each contained at least 1 trope (if not more). I also wrote about what I left on the cutting room floor here.

Both BLTease and HWA are up for preorder on the Love Love Hill store! Both books were meant to debut at TCAF 2020. It wasn't intentional but our table would've been very full books/comics of guys wear glasses...

Today's music post: With the weather turning for the better, I've kept my window open and have been listening to ambient air and bird sounds :)