I've been into digital pets for a long time...and every time one of the sites shut down / service terminates, it breaks my heart to leave my friends behind. Here is my little shrine to them.

Meromero Park

An old in-browser flash game in Japanese, Chinese, and English. I played across all 3 sites despite only knowing English...

DebuGreen with grass. All green accessories: seaweed head, scarf, and leafメロッチョ
BudoBlack mofu with single hair whorl. All flower accessories and starsモフモフ
DokoBlack bat with puff hair. All sea shell accessories and drum sticksピースバット
KomeGhost type with red body and flower. ペト
PacentoPink. All yellow accessories: paddle, flag, bib メロリン
BuboWhite mofu with unicorn and cream ears/limbsモフモフ


I have a few tamagotchis, including Connection Music Star (black headphones), TamaTown Tama-Go (Kuchipatchi), Tamagotchi On (blue fairy), and TamaWalkie (Kuchipatchi). I was really sad after TamaTown died because I made some "amazing" music in the flash game. I was also obsessed with the NDS Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2 game. I have many favourite characters, but Kuchipatchi and Chamametchi are my top 2.

Tamagotchi On

In October 2022 I made up my own drawing challenge, Tamagoctober, where I drew 1 tamagotchi from my Tamagotchi On everyday!
1LovelitchiEggMonatototchiDrum set
2LovekikitchiLovelitchi ♀ x Kikitchi ♂Bear ears
3Vanillatchi & SalttchiNijifuwatchi ♀ x Lovekikitchi ♂Swirl glasses♀ ♀
4KuchilatchiSalttchi ♀ x Kuchipatchi ♂Shurikentchi x DoyakentchiChef's hat
5BobbytchiMochiusatchi ♀ x Kuchilatchi ♂ChitchiDisguise
6RobertchiBobbytchi ♀ x Acchitchi ♂Puchiberitchi x MakimotchiFrying pan
7Bobotchi & Rorotchi(Lovelitchi x Charismatchi) ♀ x Robertchi ♂♀ ♀
8Robotchi & BorotchiBobotchi ♀ x Nejirobotchi ♂(Makimotchi x Chapitchi) x MonatotochiBadge and curly wig♂ ♂
9BerotchiNijifuwatchi ♀ x Robotchi ♂HarapparatchiDrum set
10GuwatchiBerotchi ♀ x Paintotchi ♂(Rinsetchi x Monatotochi) x DoyakentchiBear ears and earphones
11Uwatchi(Memetchi x Hatakematchi) ♀  x Guwatchi ♂Straw hat
12Abotchi & Abutchi? ♀ x Uwatchi♀ ♀
13Greentchi? ♀ x (Memetchi x Kuchipatchi) ♂Blue unicorn balloon
14Kuzarutchi(Watawatatchi x Gozarutchi) ♀ x Greentchi ♂Harapparatchi x MakimotchiFlower crown
15PaintnintchiKuzarutchi ♀ x Paintotchi ♂Chapitchi x MonatototchiBear ears
16Bubutchi(Lovelitchi x Nanizatchi) ♀  x Paintnintchi ♂Straw and chef hat
17PumputchiBubutchi ♀ x Pumpkitchi ♂Doyakentchi
18WhyitchiNijifuwatchi ♀ x Pumputchi ♂Monatototchi
19Wawatchi & Wywytchi? ♀ x Whyitchi ♂♀ ♀
20DafutchiWywytchi  ♀x Pumpkitchi ♂MakimotchiHalloween pumpkin and ring
21NononotchiDafutchi ♀ x Nonopotchi ♂Unicorn balloon
22Bebotchi & BobetchiC-rabbitchi  ♀x Nononotchi ♂Harapparatchi x Puchiberitchi♀ ♀
23GabatchiBebotchi ♀ x Polybaketchi ♂ Many...Drum set
24NingatchiGabatchi x GozarutchiShurikentchi
25Noiretchi & Haketchi? ♀ x Ningatchi ♂ Shurikentchi x MakimotchiPumpkin balloon♂ ♂
26Majarinetchi? ♀ x Haketchi ♂Chitchi x Amipoketchi
27Purinsatchi & PorinsatchiMajarinetchi ♀ x ? ♂Menatototchi x Doyakentchi♀ ♀
28Nighotchi? ♀ x ? ♂Shurikentchi x DoyakentchiFlower crown
29Lashietchi? ♀ x Nighotchi ♂Chitchi x MakimotchiPink bow
30GhopatchiLashietchi ♀ x Kuchipatchi ♂Chapitchi x Amipoketchi
31GhnometchiMemetchi ♀ x Ghopatchi ♂Chitchi x HarapparatchiRing


I used to run a site dedicated to her 💖 which was a riff off of the Tamagotcheese comic I drew (hence, Mr. Blakes's appearance)

Dnya Food

Disney turned Mickey into all sorts of food (??) and it made me really love Mickey (but only in food form). I have a pink Dnya (by Takara Tomy) and some of the keychain plush. I think my favourite is the rice bowl, panda, and fries—but everything is perfectly bendy.