Wrapped up a Masters in Criminology. Masked joker living his second life. Jake's friend for everything nerdy and bubble tea. Has a crush on his boss.

June 2 / he him

Physical appearance

Hair ash brown, wispy with a natural wave
Eyes brown, round
Physique slim
Markings n/a
Fashion / accessories False glasses (sometimes), hoodies, Pako-branded gear


  • Shoujo and BL manga
    • Pako the rabbit
      • MMORPG with Jake
        • Dogs
          • Hoodies
            • Human behaviour
              • Criminology
                • Keeping a low profile


                  • Pushy paparazzi and reporters
                    • Violent criminals


                      Jakefriend via MMORPG; an easy target for trolling but does care about him (but trolling always comes first), perhaps in a kouhai-kind of way.
                      Mrazyounger brother (more than 10 years younger...); thinks he is appropriately bratty for his age and looks like a spitting image of himself when he was young
                      Zantiboss and mentor; respects him greatly and is concerned about his workload. Has a one-sided crush on him.
                      Holmesboss and mentor; respects her and thinks she is super powerful and cool. Would not want to cross her.
                      Austinknows him as probably Jake's "eyelashes guy"


                      • Multi-racial SEA
                        • Multilingual
                          • Frequently mistaken to be younger than his real age
                            • Bi / pan
                              • Joker, optimistic
                                • Left-handed
                                  • Family members are celebrities but live on a different continent; he was also famous before (...but for what?!)


                                    High school


                                    • Completed criminology post grad degree


                                      • Intern at DTPD with Detective Zanti and Holmes

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