Hello, I am Dirchansky (she/her), a comic creator, storyteller, and settler living in Canada, on the lands of Indigenous people. I experiment with all genres and styles, but do my best when creating/drawing stories with particular attention to subtle character expressions, gestures, interactions, and relationships.

I am part of an arts and comics collective called Love Love Hill, where we self-publish zines, comics, etc. that meet our fancy. We have been drawing and self-publishing together for over fifteen years.

Where to find me and/or support my work

-Email, dirchansky[at]pm.me
-Webcomic, Here We Are #HWAcomic
-Social media, mastodon
-Video, Peertube instance yt is not alive
-Download game/comics, itch.io
-My in-print zines and comics, Love Love Hill
-One and Another, a Spera one shot with Josh Tierney and Saicoink
-Webcomic creator interview on Ink, Sweat, and Tears (thanks M. Sorcier) and Discover Comics (thanks Tait!)

Upcoming/ongoing projects

-HWA webcomic arc 2
-HWA animation
-Character design contributor to skyharborr's game Fox in the Hollylocks

Upcoming events


Commission or project inquiries

Please email me at dirchansky[at]pm.me to explore opportunities.

Finding diverse creatives to work with

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