Some of my favourite stationery—sometimes discuss in freetalk.

I also have a list of Canadian fountain pen + accessory vendors.

Fountain pens

LamySafariYellowFLamy, Turmaline
TWSBIEcoClear1.1J.Herbin, Diabolo menthe
PlatinumPreppygreen, clear, yellow, pinkmixedSuper5 Australia, Atlantic, Frankfurt, Dehli
PlatinumCarbon Desk Pen Black, (manually cut down and washi taped)EFPlatinum, Carbon black
Opus 88OmarYellowMPilot Iroshizuki, Ina Ho
RangaSugarcaneMatte olive eboniteFPR 1.0 stub~
PilotKakunoGreen/gray and Pink/WhiteMDiamine, Meadow; Sailor Shikiori, Sakuramori
Fountain Pen RevolutionHimalaya v2 GTSaffron orangeFPR ultraflexFPR, Royal flush blue
Pelikan400 NN (vintage ~1950/60s)Green stripedM 14k goldDiamine Music,  Wagner
PilotElite 95s (JDM)BurgundyEF 14k goldSailor, Rikyu-cha
PelikanM400 SouveränRedF 14k goldDiamine, Oxblood
TA+dFiberBlackSchmidt FColorverse, String
PlatignumSchool penFrankenpenWHS, foldedSailor manyo, Shirakashi ; Diamine, Golden honey
Wahl EversharpSkyline (vintage ~1940s)Gray stripe cap with wide band, red dubonnetB 14k goldJ. Herbin, Ambre de Birmanie
Wahl EversharpBantam (~1930/40s)Brown redWahl 0 14k goldAccidental mix...
PelikanM250 (old style)BlackB 14k goldPennonia, Orgona
NamisuN1 PocketGold/blueBock #180 MPilot iroshizuku, Shin-kai
Jinhao100 / CentennialIvory and blackbent/fude~
Waterman'sW3 (made in england)Brown stripeMystery 13kWaterman, Absolute brown
Jeb's PensManaslu (custom)Alternate briar and jadeJowo BRobert Oster, Tea time
Pelikan140 (vintage ~1950/60s)Green stripeEF 14k goldFerris Wheel Press, Writing Desk
RangaMarkandeyaBlue/orange ebonite (polished)Bock 6Pilot iroshizuku, tsuki-yo
RangaMarkandeyaRed woodgrain ebonite (matte)~~
Lamy2000Black matteBBPennonia, Zuzmó
SailorPro Gear Slim MiniGold/black BSailor Kobe, Taisanji Yellow
PelikanM200Marbled brownMSailor Shikiori, Chushu
SailorPro Gear SlimLINE FRIENDS SALLYBSailor Shikiori, Rikyucha

I'm biased towards pens with near to no step, golden hardware, wider grip, stubby (rather than pointy), and clips.

Special guests: crab pen holders (blue and green) by Ahnitol, Jowo B architect grind with reverse F (Toronto Pen Company).

Inks (bottles)

WatermanAbsolute brown
Noodler'sEel cactus fruit
J. HerbinDiabolo menthe, Ambre de Birmanie
DiamineMeadow, Oxblood, Music Wagner
Fountain Pen RevolutionRoyal flush blue
PennoniaOrgona, Zuzmó, Danuvius, Balaton-kék
SailorKobe #21 Taisanji Yellow, Shikiori Sakuramori, Shikiori Rikyu-cha
Ferris Wheel PressWriting desk
PlatinumCarbon black
Super 5Delhi/orange, Australia/red, Dublin/green, Atlantic/blue
Robert OsterTea time


Midori MDFP friendly
Nakabayashi Logical swing air/primeFP friendly
Cosmo air lightFP friendly
Tomoe RiverFP friendly
ApicaFP friendly
Delfonics RollbahnFP friendly
Life Via AirmailFP friendly, writing letters

Other writing/drawing stuff

I have so much more than this but this is...the top of the pile.

DeleterFree pen holderUse it for dip nibs and even some lino carving cutter heads haha
TachikawaNikko GFor inks that don't go in my fountain pens
PentelEnergel Infree 0.5mmFast drying ink, apparently
PentelFude pocket brush and Fude brush penI've had these for over a decade and they still come to a sharp point
UniKuru toga mechanical pencil 0.5mmSharp point forever
PilotColor Eno 0.7mmFor erasable blue lead
StabiloLeft Right mechanical pencil 2mmFor fattier lead
PrismacolorTravel sharpenerWeirdest stubby cigar shape but it works and keeps shavings contained. Inside looks like a magnesium Kum sharpener
PrismacolorCol Erasein various colours (terra cotta, light green, scarlet red, white, non-photo blue)

Book and zine-making

OlfaSmall stationery cutterCut paper and is lightweight
Olfa18mm NOL-1/BB 18mm rubber-grip ratchet-lock utility knifeMore heavy duty, has carbon steel blades
LinecoBone folderFold and score all the zines/books!
Durodex200-DX stack cutterWai did the research on this rare portable stack cutter
Max HD-10V 2-way staplerIndustrial design genius that is more portable/storable than a long-arm stapler
GruschwitzBookbinding no. 30/3 linen thread

Other favourites that aren't really stationery

PhilipsSonicare BreathRx tongue scraperLife changing shape
BacknifeCeramic utility knifeSuper slim, light, and easy to carry for the times where you need to cut something (also Canadian-owned!)
OK-BonCompression wrapsMagical fabric that endlessly self adheres but is soft. I use a thin wrap to put around a wrist brace splint for wrist stabilization