A somewhat exhaustive list of things I've contributed to. ⏰ = out of print

Original comics / zines

YearContentsBook/Zine TitleNotes
2022Writer for  standalone comicTBAProjected release late 2022 / early 2023
2022Shrimp comicsShrimp GossProjected release June 2022 for TCAF, with PowersWithin
2022Possum comicsPoss BossProjected release June 2022 for TCAF
2021Autobio + extrasCome For a Drink: Behind the ScenesDigital download
2020Here We Are ch. 1-11 + extrasHere We Are #1Love Love Hill, printed or digital or webcomic
2020Tropes GaloreBLTeaseLove Love Hill
2019ReframeCook and Cry ⏰Love Love Hill
2018Shrimp comicsShrimperificwith PowersWithin
2018AutobioPlant Fever #2Plant Fever Club
2017Tie the KnotExpired Seafood: Tied Up ⏰Love Love Hill, 18+, digital download of my comic
2017AutobioPlant Fever #1Plant Fever Club, digital download of full zine
2017Tied + ExtraMartial SpiritLove Love Hill
2017It's Getting Hot in HerePrinted/compiled as an extra in Here We Are #1 or digital
2017New/reprinted autobio shortsSuper Life on the Hill (S.L.O.T.H.)Love Love Hill, with Wai and Kim
2017Animal illustrations/photos/writing ?Around the BendLove Love Hill, fake magazine for a fake zoo
2016Shrimp comicsLife as a Krill ⏰with PowersWithin
2016DeadlineHuman PlantationLove Love Hill
2016Struggle (Fake)
2016Struggle: CeilicExtra story featuring same character as Are You a Knight?
2015Fake Game ZineFake Game ZineLove Love Hill, fake magazine for a fake game
2015Autobio shortsLife on the Hill 5 ⏰Love Love Hill, with Wai and Kim
2015LavaLavaLove Love Hill, extra story featuring same character as Hate/Love
2015HideoutCry to the MoonLove Love Hill
2014AutobioLife on the Hill 4 ⏰Love Love Hill, with Wai and Kim
2014AutobioLife on the Hill 3 ⏰Love Love Hill, with Wai and Kim
2014Motivation, ConcentrationFujoSports! ⏰Love Love Hill, predecessor to Here We Are
2013Animal doodleThe Red Wagon ⏰Love Love Hill, collection of animal friend drawings with busybea
2013Hate/LoveLove Lens ⏰Love Love Hill
2013Autobio shortsLife on the Hill 2 ⏰Love Love Hill, mainly about the Japan 2011 trip with Wai and Kim
2012Are You a Knight?Knight Life ⏰Love Love Hill
2012Drawings/sketchesFashion BattleLove Love Hill, collection of fashion drawings
2012One and AnotherSpera oneshotWith Josh Tierney (story), Saicoink (characters/breakdowns), Dirchansky (backgrounds/colours)
2011Peculiar ConnectionsTamagotcheese ⏰Love Love Hill
2011Drawings/sketchesMen in Ink ⏰Love Love Hill, collection of ink drawings with guest art by Wai
2011Autobio shortsLife on the Hill 1 ⏰Love Love Hill, with Wai and Kim
2011All I have to Give (reprint)G ⏰Love Love Hill
2010Just to be CloseExpired Seafood ⏰Love Love Hill, 18+
2010Animal comicsBok Choy Bash and the Sashimi Adventures AGAIN ⏰Glamourous Lovers, with Wai
2009All I have to GiveSaisons des Lunettes ⏰Megane Crew
2009Animal comicsBok Choy Bash and the Sashimi Adventures ⏰Glamourous Lovers, with Wai

Fan comics / zines

YearBook / Zine TitleSeries / Notes
2022 (June)YakuzineAutobio x Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku fanzine with Powerswithin and Ittybeatty
2011Vocalatte Tea Team ⏰Vocaloid
2007Oh! Gotta Go! ⏰Hikaru no Go, Ogata-focus
2008Ventiquattr’ore su VentiquattroKatekyo Hitman Reborn
2005Slam Punkz: Dunk This!Slam Dunk
200?Pride in Chest ⏰Full Metal Alchemist, Armstrong and Hughes-focus
2001Go Crackers ⏰Hikaru no Go

Games and animation

2021Snow Scene animation (56 secs)Scrappy animated version of scene from Here We Are chapter 9. I did all the storyboards/drawing/animating/mixing. Features voice over artists Bradley Gareth and Eddy Yeung, music by PowersWithin
2020Matchy Snatchy by Ittybeatty and DirchanskyWe prototyped a tabletop card game in 1 month, as part of a self-directed game jam
2020Fox in the Hollylocks by skyharborrI was one of many character designers for the next demo of the game
2018Untitled demo gameI participated as the character/special event artist for #yurijam
2018Come for a DrinkI wrote, programmed, and did the artwork for a visual novel game as part of a 2-month #yaoijam. The game spiraled into something weird, embarrassing, and wonderful!?

Events, panels, talks, interviews

2020Dirchansky in 50 Questions or LessCreator-focused written interview by Tait at Discover Comics
2020Love, Life and LoggingHWA-focused written interview by M. Sorcier at Ink, Sweat and Tears
2020Love Love Hill new release live stream/drawWith Wai and Linda Tea
2018Comics as a Side-HustlePart of TCAF's Word Balloon Academy; Moderated by Megan Purdy. Panelists: Aaron Costain, John-Charles Holmes, Dirchansky
2016Off Panel: Comic vs. Illustration RoundtablePart of TCAF x Nuvango's Off Panel exhibition; Moderated by Dirchansky. Panelists: Ronnie Ritchie, Sanya Anwar, and Eric Kim
2015Windup Bird CafeComic reading and presentation
2014Creator interview with SaicoinkPart of Open Spaces Closed Places (OSCP) vol.6 book launch at The Central
2011Canada Comic Arts!Part of TCAF in Japan events. Gallery show and comic reading at Presspop Gallery @ Shibuya Parco