July 2017-May 2020 notebook tour

I just finished a notebook today! Here's a timelapse video (18 seconds) of my 250p notebook from July 2017 - May 2020. I stopped maintaining a separate journal (1-line-a-day journal) and sketchbook (moleskine with blank pages). The notebook in the video is a Leuchtturm1917 lime green A5 notebook medium hardcover with dot grid ... read more


I'm having fun with these titles (haha). In my head I read HWA as HUA and it reminds me of the pronunciation of FLOWER 花 in mandarin. So HWAcomic and HWAnimation turn into flower-comic, flower-animation (which ultimately makes it more endearing to me). One of my big projects (aside from drawing HW... read more

Here We Are book 1: digital copy and print version

The digital version is available on itch.io and the printed version is available on Love Love Hill. NOTE: cover is digital mock-up only! Printed version of Here We Are (HWA) details are below. The book is made-to-order. Creating the book is fairly laborious as it is entirely hand-bound/compiled/... read more

Messy story/comic progress

I left a whole bunch of story stuff on the cutting room floor for the upcoming BLT anthology. This is likely the most work I've scrapped (30+ pages) in my comic-making life. I have a tendency to just go with my gut on stories pretty quickly. Some people are really consistent ... read more

Goodbye birdsite

A few days ago I finally scratched the itch that I had been feeling for over a year. I finally deleted my twtter account!! I made a new one to squat on the same username, but am essentially not using it. For whatever reason, birdsite also flagged the new one ... read more