Gaogaigar SD Cross Silhouette

June 28th, 2020

Someone bought me this Gaogaigar SD Cross Silhouette figure half a year ago on a whim, and they keep asking me if I've built it yet. Finally sat down to work on it. I haven't built one of these in decades. I watched GGG when I was a kid but hadn't thought about the series until this figure was given to me.

It took a lot longer than I intended because I was just going to build it as is. But then...I tried shading/weathering one piece with a gray tombow marker that I had...and then...I had to continue doing that to every single piece. Shockingly I was able to do most of this with art supplies that I already had (mainly markers and fineliners). I didn't have proper red paint to paint black plastics so the backpiece was done with red blockprinting paint hahaha (oh well).

There are a still a few accessories I haven't built, but I had a quick mini-photoshoot. I put the figure in front of my monitor and chose a BG from the internet.

David Bahr volcano photo

Andreas Krappweis forest photo

This lightning image (South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control)

Cityscape Ruined City Destroyed Post Apocalyptic by 3dmKits

Some normal shots

It's a lot easier to do a weathered look because that means the execution of details can be scrappy on purpose, haha.

I'm really impressed at all the detail in these figures and the poseability. It's very complicated but building and putting it together becomes uncomplicated because the instructions were quite excellent. I can't imagine how the industrial designers behind these figures go about planning these figures for mass production and for user-assembly-friendliness!

Today's music post: RIP SLYME - 太陽とビキニ. I haven't listened to Rip Slyme in a long time! It's a peppy song.

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