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Gaogaigar SD Cross Silhouette

Someone bought me this Gaogaigar SD Cross Silhouette figure half a year ago on a whim, and they keep asking me if I've built it yet. Finally sat down to work on it. I haven't built one of these in decades. I watched GGG when I was a kid but ... read more

Cross structure binding "linked"

When prototyping HWA comic printed copy I did a bunch of research on non-adhesive book binding. I happened upon Carmencho Arregui's cross structure binding (CSB) information page and wanted to try it out. I ended up going with CSB "linked". There were more end-photos online than WIP-photos, so ... read more


Love Love Hill has a fun new comic anthology out called BLTease. This time Linda came up with the concept and did a bang-up job of putting together a fun anthology with an awesome cover! We had a lot of fun discussion about "amazing" tropes that we could ... read more

HWA ch11 pages from draft to tone

WIP for Here We Are chapter 11! Could have spoilers below, so best to read it on the website first. Today's music post: 一世風靡セピア 前略、道の上より. A long time ago I was really enamoured by the actor Yanagiba Toshiro (from his Odoru Daisousasen performance), and found out he was part of this boyband (?) in his youth. I can't really descri... read more