Final year Masters student in Forestry. Sunshine nature-loving jock. Reliable to a fault. 

Sept 24 / he him

Physical appearance

Hair brown, close shaven
Eyes navy
Physique Rectangle/log
Markings n/a
Fashion / accessories baseball caps, digital watch, wrist bands and braces, mainly wears tshirt and button-up shirts


  • People
    • Nature, trees, forests, national parks
      • Helping
        • Thrifting / reusing old things
          • Moose
            • Ball caps
              • Red
                • Fries
                  • Sports
                    • Wood
                      • Loggersport: underhand block chop


                        • Cheaters


                          Jakeloggersport team mate, eventual boyfriend. Falls for Jake and becomes obsessed with him. Torn about the pace in which to integrate himself into Jake's life. Finds everything about him to be cute/endearing/irresistible.
                          Abbyyounger sister, loggersport team mate. Has a good sibling relationship, but not overly close or distant. Generally only shows the "big brother" side to her.
                          Ferrisloggersport team mate / former colleague. Thinks that he is strong, reliable, and quiet.
                          Salloggersport team mate. Understands that they're not particularly passionate about loggersports but respects that they're putting their effort into it / pulling their weight. Is in awe with their patterning/tailoring/sewing craft.
                          Sabinaloggersport team mate, housemate. Finds her to be an interesting person to speak to, specifically because she is one of the most direct people he knows.


                          • Bi / pan
                            • Monoamorous
                              • Can easily jealous/possessive when it comes to Jake
                                • Captain of the LLH University's Loggersports team
                                  • Forestry Masters/graduate student
                                    • Patient, calm, stable, positive, reflective, and growth mindset towards learning and improvement
                                      • Cultivates a reliable/responsible image for himself
                                        • Better at applying positive thinking to others, rather than himself; tends to put others' needs ahead of his own
                                          • Comes from a smaller town in the boonies
                                            • Father was a logger
                                              • Has done several jobs (house painter, yard/landscaper/arborist worker, construction worker, mover, lifeguard, coach, etc.) but eventually moves into firefighting
                                                • Physically strong
                                                  • Is very modest about his achievements in loggersports


                                                    High school


                                                    • Forestry Masters/graduate student
                                                      • Loggersports captain


                                                        • Construction / trades
                                                          • Municipal fire fighter
                                                            • Wildfire behaviour and prevention specialist

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