2nd year undergrad student. Likely a horse girl.

Feb 16 / she her

Physical appearance

Hair brown, straight, past shoulder length
Eyes navy
Physique curvy, athletic
Markings n/a
Fashion / accessories Hair is generally pulled-up


  • Matching outfits
    • Cute, colourful glittery stuff
      • Loggersports: double cross cut with Sal


        • TBA


          Jakeloggersport team mate, friend
          Salloggersport team mate, house mate
          Sabinaloggersport team mate
          Ferrisloggersport team mate
          Austinloggersport team mate, older brother


          • Headstrong, playful, inquisitive


            High school


            • Open studies student


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              Final year Masters student in Forestry. Sunshine nature-loving jock. Reliable to a fault. 

              Wrapped up a Masters in Criminology. Masked joker living his second life. Jake's friend for everything nerdy and bubble tea. Has a crush on his boss.

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              2nd year undergrad international student. Pokerface and is likely judging you. Affinity towards heights and cursed stuff. 

              2nd year undergrad student in Fashion Design. Made the team uniforms and is the instigator of fun. Unapologetic realness.