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Past zines and books are available at Love Love Hill, digital goods on itch.io. Support handmade, small press, independent creators 💘. Follow me on fediverse/mastodon.

Here We Are (HWA)

On-going webcomic series about ordinary people navigating their lives and relationships. Contemporary, slice of life, queer. 150p+ free to read.
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Love Love Hill @ Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) June 18-19, 2022

Yakuzine: Autobio x Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku fanzine with Ittybeatty and Powerswithin. 92p b/w. Limited print, unlimited digital.

Poss Boss: Original possum comic. 32p colour. Limited print, unlimited digital.

Shrimp Goss: original shrimp comics. 16p colour with Powerswithin. Cover shown by Powerswithin.